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  1. Good day! My name is Vyacheslav, I represent a company inDriver – worldwide ride-hailing service.
    More details can be found here:
    We got acquainted with your portfolio and at the moment we are interested in a photo session of our office in Kuala Lumpur. We would like to capture our corporate culture and share it with the world. We have a ready-made technical assignment for you, according to which you can assess your capabilities, the cost of this project and your services. It is important to note that in photography we would like to show both the office interiors and the team spirit, so we are looking for a good portrait photographer who would be able to capture the interior well. By date, I would like to mark all the moments this week, and start filming next, because the deadline for this photoshoot is 23 sep.

    I would like to know how interested you are in this cooperation? Please guide me on the budget and look forward to your reply soon.If you cannot help us on this issue and you have contacts of professionals who could, I would be extremely grateful if you can attach them to the response letter
    Best regards, Egorov Vyacheslav

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